Friday, 10 February 2017

Easy Valentines Nail Art

While Valentines Day may not be the most important holiday around, I really can't help but love it. What's better than filling up on chocolate, receiving flowers and wearing pink? While the pink outfits may have to wait until the day itself, now is the perfect time to rock some Valentines inspired nail art. I kept this one pretty simple as I don't have the same patience for nail art that I used to, but it's pretty cute nonetheless.

I started by applying a base coat, followed by 3 coats of a baby pink nail polish by Models Own (Pink Veneer, but you can use whatever you like). I then cut off a piece of sticky tape, folded it in half and cut a half heart shape into the fold. When you open the piece of sticky tape you should have a whole heart stencil. I then placed it on my nail after the pink had dried and applied 2 coats of red nail polish over the tape. Wait for it to dry slightly, remove the sticky tape and finish with a top coat. Super easy and very cute!

Let me know if you plan on trying this super easy look!


  1. I have never been that good at nail art, but I think I can manage a simple heart! thanks for the post! xx

  2. This is very adorable! Love the shades you've picked here!

    xo Kat @ Katness

  3. Looks so cute! Love it xx
    Izzy -