Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Happiest Place on Earth

I recently got back from an amazing trip to Japan so clearly a Disney post is in order. My first Disneyland experience was about five years ago in Hong Kong and walking into the park with Toy Story music playing in the background almost made me cry from happiness! This time was no different.

While I was in Tokyo I visited both Disneyland and DisneySea which is an exclusive to Japan park inspired by the ocean. Anyone that knows me knows I have an intense love for the sea and anything Little Mermaid related so DisneySea was a must do. Luckily I managed to convince my boyfriend that two days at Disney was necessary.

The highlights of Disneyland for me are always Cinderella's castle and the parades. There's nothing I love more than grabbing some Disney themed snacks (such as those amazing Mickey waffles) and watching all the characters go by. Other highlights are the rides of course. Some of my favourites include Space Mountain and the Pirates of the Caribbean river ride.

Obviously nothing topped Mermaid Lagoon at DisneySea in my eyes. One word- STUNNING. Mermaid Lagoon from the outside looks beautiful but fairly small with the ocean themed castle and a couple of rides, however much to my surprise the inside of the castle was a magical underwater world complete with rides, shops and little food stalls. Safe to say I was in heaven.

The little Toy Story area on the American Waterfront at DisneySea is also super cute. If you ever find yourself there make sure you grab some green alien mochi. I'm still not sure whether I'm a fan or not but they are adorable and totally worth a try!

Planning on visiting?
-Make sure you take advantage of fastpass tickets in order to avoid long waits! Especially for Space Mountain, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania.
-Eat ALL the food! My favourites were the Mickey pizza, the Mickey waffles and the Sea Salt Monaka at DisneySea (it was beyond delicious!).
 -Wear something Disney themed because everyone does (or at the least buy some Mickey ears).
 -Stay for the fireworks and the night parade, you won't be sorry!

Thanks for an amazing two days Disney! I'll definitely be back!


  1. Love your pics!!! I went to Tokyo Disneyland way back in 2005 and it was such an amazing experience! I so want to go back there again and also visit DisneySea too!

    xo Kat @ Katness

    1. DisneySea is definitely worth a visit! Doesn't have the same Disney vibe that Disneyland has but amazing in its own way! xx

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. I went to Disney World Orlando when I was 8, I am now 18 and desperately want to go back! Is this wrong? haha x

    1. Definitely not, I'm exactly the same haha! xx