Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lush Easter 2014 Collection

While I still really look forward to Easter for all the chocolate it brings, these days holidays always mean one thing to me. Lush. Lush never fails to amaze me with their holiday ranges, although this will be the first Lush Easter I've experienced. Being me I pretty much freaked out upon seeing this years Easter range and bought pretty much everything, with the eggception (see what I did there? Ha ha ha. No? Ok) of the Golden Egg as it was sold out and the Carrot Soap. Hopefully I'll be on my blogging game over the next couple of weeks so I'll be able to bring you guys detailed reviews of all of these beautiful products but for now I thought I'd just give you a quick overview of this years Lush Easter range.

Aren't these just the cutest bubble bars ever? The Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar ($9.95) is quite literally a bunch of carrots fragranced with buchu, lemon, bergamot and carrot oil, perfect for soothing and rejuvenating the skin.

Next up, the Immaculate Eggceptions (both $11.95) in both Pink and Yellow. These giant eggs can be cracked to reveal a surprise inside which you can then use as a separate bath bomb or you can throw the whole thing in the bath, similar to the Love Locket bath bomb from Valentines. 

Am I the only one who thinks this bunny is adorable but also slightly creepy? I'm not sure red eyes were the way to go but whatever floats your boat! The Bunny Bubble Bar ($5.95) is inspired by Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit and has flowers within it's tummy which will float once in the bath. Shea butter and coconut oil will also moisturise and soften your skin.

The Fluffy Egg Bath Ballistic ($5.50) is probably one of my favourites of the range due to it's very sweet, candy smelling fragrance. It also really reminds me of the Think Pink Bath Bomb which I love!

Another one of my favourites, the extremely fresh and invigorating Brightside Bubble Bar ($10.50). This smells very citrusy and fresh and obviously looks extremely bright and beyond gorgeous!

All of these gorgeous products, plus a few more, are now available in store and online for a limited time so make sure you hop (I'll stop now) into your local Lush and pick up a few! 

Make sure to let me know which of these appeals to you the most!

Have a great week!

Ash xx


  1. They are all SO freaking cute :D I'm so glad I don't have a bath otherwise I'd be broke allll the time!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. this post is gorgeous! lovely photography and all the products look amazing! love from aus,


  3. love lush, all there products look so cute. Love your photography!


  4. Ahhh the carrot! Lush makes the cutest beauty products around - seriously. I might pop by and pick up some as Easter gifts. These are way healthier than chocolate - ahahah

  5. This is amazing! I think I will "hop" into Lush soon haha

  6. Ahhhh Lush do holidays better than most! The packaging and colourful creations never fail to entice. The bunch of carrots are freakin' adorable.

  7. Omg, the colors are just so cute! And soooo BRIGHT! I love the super bright bright colors although I wish the shaped were more defined!

  8. I went into LUSH today and smelled all of these. Everything was amazing! The bubble bar was probably my favourite of the bunch. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  9. Oooooooo what wonderful products! I haven't even finished my Xmas things yet so I won't be buying any new things. I would love the orange bubble bar!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  10. This is so cool! Lush products are the prettiest ever. I wish I had a bath, I only have shower in my home so I can't really use these beauties

  11. These look so pretty!
    Dani xo |

  12. I've always wanted to try lush products. Maybe one day I will.