Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone Palette

One of my more recent purchases and a product I've been dying to try for such a long time- The Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone palette. I've seen this featured in numerous reviews and make up looks so I thought it would be the perfect palette to spice things up a bit in my make up collection. All of my eyeshadows and palettes are quite similar in the fact that they are neutral (I have so many champagne colours it's not even funny) and while this is also neutral, it does have a few more daring and exciting colours to it.
All of the colours in this palette are super pigmented, with the exception of the first one however it is more of a shimmery highlight shade which doesn't need a huge amount of pigmentation. The formulation is super soft, buttery and easy to blend out. For a palette that's as cheap as this one, I was definitely impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows. 

The palette is divided into two columns, each a separate look and each containing four shades- a browbone shade, an eyelid shade, a crease shade and a definer. The first column in the Comfort Zone palette includes a pretty shimmery beige highlight, a frosty orange toned copper, a gold toned brown and a dark burgundy brown as the definer. The second column includes a grey toned highlight, a bright frosty green, a dark olive and a red/brown shade with blue duo-chrome. Please note that I was a bit stupid with my swatches and swatched left to right so every second shade belongs to the one column.

Overall I'm really enjoying this palette. All of the shades are gorgeous, especially the two eyelid shades and the duo-chrome, and they're all nicely pigmented and are so nice and smooth. These are definitely value for money and I'd recommend trying them out any day! These palettes retail for $14.95 on CrushCosmetics however I do believe they are cheaper in the U.S.

Have you tried any of these Wet 'n' Wild palettes?

Ash xx

P.S: I'm getting very close to my next Bloglovin' milestone- 300 followers! So obviously I'm planning a giveaway for when I hit this milestone but I'd love a few suggestions as to what to include. I'm thinking of doing a a collection of a few of my favourites but leave me any product suggestions in the comments below or on Twitter!


  1. I own this and absolutely love it, it certainly deserves all the hype it gets! My one issue is that all the shades are very frosty, I wish there were a few mattes! Ooh, I look forward to the giveaway, a collection of your favourites would be so lovely!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I've seen this palette in the Wet n Wild beauty product area, but haven't picked it up yet.
    After reading your review and seeing how the colours look like I think I need to grab this product asap!

  3. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't pick this up while in the US recently! Swatches look lovely.

  4. That's a lovely palette :) I love Wet n Wild lipsticks but I haven't tried any eye shadows yet
    Ana xo

  5. I love the nude shades :)
    Alice x

  6. I've heard such great things about this palette but there are quite a few shades that I wouldn't use so I still haven't purchased it yet. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  7. They're soooo pigmented omg! I really wanna try them, but they're not as cheap where I live for some reason?? If I get a chance to go to the US I'll definitely get a bunch of these ;) X