Monday, 6 January 2014

Melbourne: Part One

Four days ago, as a sort of 18th/graduation celebration, I set off to the other side of Australia to one of my favourite cities in the world, Melbourne. This is my third time in Melbourne and each time it's just as beautiful as the last. While I do love Perth, it's always nice to get away to a city that has a little bit more going on (I love you Perth, but you're pretty boring). I am still in Melbourne but I thought I'd share some bits and pieces from the first couple of days in this wonderful city! We decided to stay at the Crowne Plaza as it is within walking distance to the Crown Casino & Entertainment Complex but is also close to the city centre. While there are definitely better hotels out there, it has proven just fine and has a much lower price tag than some such as the hotels within the Crown complex.

On the first day we arrived at the hotel around late afternoon so after a much needed nap we headed down to Crown along the Yarra River to grab some dinner at a little Italian place which was then followed by gelato and bed.

On the second day we headed to Chapel Street, one of the main (and most expensive) shopping areas in Melbourne. I managed to spend quite a bit of money at shops along the likes of Topshop, Sportsgirl and Bardot and a trip to Chapel Street would never be complete without some macarons (which if you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you would have seen).

After a few hours of shopping we decided to hunt down the recently opened Adriano Zumbo Patisserie  where I decided to be boring and buy more macarons (Zumbarons) instead of something from the gorgeous but very fancy cake selection.

To finish the day off we made our way to Her Majesty's Theatre to see the theatre production of Grease. I'm completely obsessed with concerts and shows in general so I'm always very quick to get tickets to things like this. The show was amazing and while I'm not sure if it's overtaken Jersey Boys (which was the best thing ever), it definitely gave it a run for it's money. There was also a very, very attractive T-Bird so thanks for that Grease. I may have already bought more tickets for when the show comes to Perth because it was so good!

Hope you all have a great day and stay tuned for part two of Melbourne!

Ash xx


  1. So glad you're enjoying Melbourne! Chapel St is a danger zone for anyone with cash to burn and unfortunately my university is quite close so I'm there more often than I should be! x

  2. I miss Melbourne! My friend and I want to go back there for some serious karaoke time haha. I've been to Perth once and it's so relaxed! And couldn't believe some shops were closed so early! =P
    xxx Kat

  3. Ahh! I wish I was back in Melbourne. I always get so excited for Topshop, Zara and American Apparel. Why can't all states have these shops! It's insanity! x

  4. It's weird seeing as post written about Melbourne, hahah I'm glad your having a nice time. I love your outfit next to the Grease tickets xxxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  5. So glad you've enjoyed this city so far! Feel so guilty sometimes because I live here and never visit Chapel St, and am yet to find Zumbo's! Must get on it ASAP ;) x

  6. I'm off to Melbourne on Thursday which I'm extremely excited for, especially about all the shopping. Also, it's cool to see you're also from Perth! And I agree with you on how Perth can be a bit boring :) x

  7. I would love to visit Australia one day! The pictures are lovely, and gelato is very yummy. I LOVE Grease! :)


  8. It looks so eautiful there!! Definitely a place I'd like to visit some day!! Love your outfit! So pretty!! Hope you'll do a haul of all of the things you got during your vacation :)

  9. Melbourne looks absolutely amazing, you're so lucky to live in Australia! It's a dream of mine to move there!