Sunday, 9 June 2013

My MAC Lipstick Collection

l-r: Angel/Saigon Summer/Saint Germain/Rebel/Shanghai Spice
Today I thought I'd share my collection of MAC lipsticks. I don't have that many but definitely want to expand my collection soon which is why I have a long list of things to try. At the top of my list is Crosswires after seeing a post by Essiebutton, Morange and Ruby Woo. Enjoy!

MAC Angel is a light-medium milky pink with a frost finish. It applies opaque and smells amazing like all MAC lipsticks do. It's probably my most worn MAC lipstick but I don't wear it alone all that often as it is a bit pink and pale for my liking.

Saigon Summer was my first footstep into the world of orange and is a semi-opaque medium orange with a slight shimmer. Saigon Summer is technically a cremesheen. I was wanting Morange but decided to go a little bit more subtle for my first orange purchase although I may have to pick it up someday soon.

Saint Germain is an amplified blue-toned pale pink lipstick. This along with Rebel was my first ever MAC purchase and I will be honest in saying that I only bought it because of how pretty it looked in the tube. I've ever actually worn it out simply because of how bright and obnoxious it is. I'm very picky with pinks as well because most of them make me look even paler than I am.

MAC Rebel is a satin finish deep berry colour. I bought this after seeing it raved about on Youtube and while I don't wear it that often, I'm still really glad I bought it.

Shanghai Spice is a semi-opaque slightly brown toned rosy pink with a cremesheen formula. I didn't actually buy this- I got given it as a mistake instead of Saigon Summer. I bought it when I was in America and staying in LA I couldn't be bothered going back to the Santa Monica MAC store to return it so I just kept it.

What lipsticks should I check out on my next trip to MAC?

Ash xx


  1. I love the colour Rebel so much. Does it last a long time? x

    1. I haven't really worn it for a very long time so I wouldn't be able to say- it does stain after it starts to fade though x

    2. Ah okay, thanks! I might have to go into Mac and pick this up! x

    3. No problem- you definitely should :)


  2. nice pictures on your blog! jealous of your mac collection;)
    maddie xx

  3. ah I want a lipstick collection like this. I felt like such a Barbie when I put st germain on! Love it!

    Love Em x

  4. haha it's such a barbie colour! x